The Social Network is the area for contacting with friends, experts and groups.
You can use the Social Network to communicate with others, search and find friends, join groups, communicate with individuals and groups using messages, forums, chat, search for experts, etc.
This area is divided in three pages : DASHBOARD, PROFILE and INTERACT.

  • The DASHBOARD is your homepage in the SOCIAL NETWORK where you have access to: friends, groups, messages, etc. Although the default view of the DASHBOARD includes enough elements to see at a glance the most important features, you can modify it if you like more features or arrange the existing ones in other way.
  • Your PROFILE page is something like a showroom. This page shows your information and it’s visible to other users of SEN+. You can also make it visible to anybody on the Internet.
  • INTERACT is the area in which you can control all your relations with groups and people.

Last modified: Tuesday, 4 June 2013, 11:38 AM